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Teaching info and Supply lists


 Titanium White
 Ivory Black
 Cadmium Red Medium
 Ultramarine Blue
 Cadmium Yellow Light

 Burnt Umber
 Burnt Sienna
 Yellow Ochre or Yellow Oxide
 Alizarin Crimson
 Phthalocyanine Blue (Sometimes labeled as “Thalo”)
 Phthalocyanine Green (Sometimes labeled as “Thalo”)
 Sap Green

 Stretched canvas or canvas boards (Stretched is better)
 Watercolor paper IF you “Gesso” it
 Masonite (if Gessoed)

1” flat synthetic or 1” angular shader 1/2” same as above
1/4” same as above
#4 Round synthetic Brush
Liner or script brush NEEDED EXTRAS
 Portable easel (Art Centers have large stand up easels for free usage)
 Paper Towels (fold them in fours so you don’t have to carry a whole roll)
 Brush Cleaner (General’s is best)
 Water bucket (the plastic ones are wonderful)
 Disposable palette sheets in a pad (get the cheapest one)
 Pencil, separate eraser (whites are the best)
 Small travel sized hairspray
 Spray Water bottle (small) 

Extras you may like in time
 Graphite paper
 Pliers
 Small Pad and paper to take notes
 Palette knife
 Acrylic Extender
 Travel size hairdryer
I use a cloth scrapbook divider tray to house my supplies and I use a travel tote from office depot to roll them in.

*Book required - “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards. You can find this book on Amazon for around $12. There is a workbook to this book, however, it is not necessary to purchase for the class. You will be given many handouts.

Drawing pad 9”x12” nothing smaller, or 11”X14” is fine too.

Masking tape (or painter’s blue tape)

#2 pencil or drawing pencils, preferably without an eraser 

A white rectangular eraser you hold mirror (Small rectangular or square, not round.) 

Highlighter (to highlight book)   

Normal sized small pencil sharpener 

Hand Sanitizer-small, travel size bottle
If you’d like to learn basic portraiture in charcoal, after I demonstrate in class, purchase these supplies.
I will explain all supplies so you will have no doubt on what to purchase, do NOT purchase the supplies below until you SEE what to use and how to use it.
2 Sheets of Canson paper, light gray colors, light flesh colors, or light blues...no white, no black, no deep colors. Foam board large enough to fit a full piece of Canson Paper OR...a large drawing board with clips.
Vine Or Willow Charcoal sticks
General’s Charcoal pencils (comes in a pack of three or four, including the white, you’ll want to get that, and usually it has a kneaded eraser too.
Face image(s) from a magazine, no children and no relatives please. There’s a reason for this! Get as close to a full page as possible or at least the size of your hand.

Class lists are available upon email request.  

Ask to be placed on Newsletter!



Drawing Board with clips $6 at Hobby Lobby

Tape (masking, blue or green frog tape)

Canson Mi-Tientes Paper (It's written along side of large sheets approx. $3 a sheet) or purchase 12" X 16" pad of paper for $10.79   NO Strathmore paper! 
   NOTE!  Michael's no longer carries this paper. 

Pastel Pencils - Brand names: Conté, Derwent, Faber-Castell, Stabilo

    *NO General's pencils!

Pastels - Rembrant, Sennelier, Master's Touch @ Hobby Lobby
    *NO "NU" pastels!  Dick Blick online sells A set of 15 half sticks of "Rembrandt' for about $26.  Be sure it is SOFT pastels, not oil pastels!

Kneaded Eraser

Exacto knife for sharpener or an OLFA knife (available at hardwood stores)

Charcoal Pencils by General (Set includes different Strengths from ex-hard to ex-soft and an kneaded eraser and a charcoal white.)

Tortillions or Stumps for blending.

Chamois Cloth (Available at Walmart auto area)

Carry-all - Be it a tote, box, bag

Workable Fixativ by Krylon

Paper Towels (Fold before class, don't bring a whole roll)

Hand Sanitizer (Travel Size)

This set is one of many available on Amazon.com
Similar items available at Michael's, 
Hobby Lobby or Amazon.
Rembrandt 30 half pastel sticks
Pastel supplies students prefer 
Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper 9" X 12"

If you'd prefer to purchase by the sheet, it is not available at Michael's, but is at Hobby Lobby, and on Amazon as well.  It should be about $3 per 19" X 25" sheet.  Be sure to not purchase the "Canson Ingres" paper.  Price is lower but it's not the correct product.

Senneliel Pastel sets

Conté à Paris Pastels
Conté à Paris Pastel Pencils
Note there are many brands and they all produce different results.  Best thing is to try mine out the first day of class and then make a decision.
Graphite paper, available at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, less expensive than Amazon.
Brushes cause the most confusion.  Do not purchase Bristle brushes which are white in color and are stiff.  Instead purchase synthetic brushes which are reddish in color.  Below is a good example of brushes you will need.  Short handles!

How to paint birds           
How to paint leaves
How to paint sunsets
How to paint waves

(and any more that pop up in the future)

Bring the acrylic supplies you have, that's it!  If you don't have anything, I allow you to work with the supplies I bring.  

Be it oils, acrylic, pastel or watercolor, charcoal or pen and ink, it is understood that you must have a working knowledge of the medium you will be working in, as this is a portraiture class, not a how to paint in oils class or how to paint in acrylics class, etc.  I will include pet portraits if you so do prefer to paint pets.  Since you know the medium you will be working in, you already have the supplies.  
Unison 30 piece set
ONE (day or night)

Bring a smile and a winning attitude!

Bring a notebook, you'll want to gather as much info as possible. Bring a smart phone or laptop.
Paint along private classes

Bring a smile and a winning attitude! Have fun!