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Step-by-Step Painting
Come join the fun!!!
Creating a painting step-by-step is all the rage across the country now, and Kathleen has her version.  Kathleen takes you from a blank canvas to a full blown painting in three hours with students that have NO prior painting experience.  

Kathleen brings the event to your location!  She supplies the paints, brushes, etc.  Cost is $30 per student.  Hostess supplies any beverages and snacks.  Minimum of 7 students required not including hostess as hostess gets a free class!

Kathleen's brings her wealth of teaching experience.  Her volunteers are her students so they can answer questions you may have.  Plus she takes in account what you would like to paint!  NO other step-by-step class does that!
Take a class, you may find your photo here some day!
These paintings available for workshops at your location!
Will create your ideas and suggestions as well.

This painting above has REAL seashells on it, and in class we added even more to it, like seaweed and oatmeal with paint to look like foam!